Bitcoin Lab API Beta is LIVE🔌

Dive into the world of Bitcoin onchain data with the API to the Bitcoin Research Lab. Access raw onchain data tailored to fit your needs.

The beta version of the Bitcoin Research Lab API is now LIVE🚀  
You are all welcome to test it.

As of now, limitations apply on API calls count and API call frequency. Be nice!
Only a limited numbers of users will be allowed initially.

All feedback is highly appreciated:
- email:
- X/twitter: @ResearchBTCNow

Are you a Power User or have special requirements?
Send an email to

How to use the API

  1. Register on  (not the blog page, but the charts page!)
  2. When logged in, click the API access button
  3. Copy the displayed token displayed.
  4. Use the provided example python script to query for data or create your own.
  5. Find data fields to query here

Technical info

API endpoint url:


'token' (string): Authentication token required to access the API.
'data_field' (string): The data field to be queried from the API. The data_field must match exactly with the 'variable' listed in the api-data-fields.