API data fields

Bitcoin Research Lab API endpoint data_fields

The table lists the API data fields available for query.

Variable Group Currently Available
ASOL UTXO Dormancy Yes
AVIV-NUPL Cointime Statistics Soon
Active_Addresses_Count_by_Group Address Statistics Soon
Active_Addresses_Sum_BTC Address Statistics Soon
Active_Addresses_Sum_BTC_by_Group Address Statistics Soon
Active_Cap Cointime Statistics Soon
Active_MVRV Cointime Statistics Soon
Active_Realized_Cap Cointime Statistics Soon
Active_Realized_Price Cointime Statistics Soon
Active_Value_to_Investor_Value(AVIV_Ratio) Cointime Statistics Soon
Activity_to_Vaulting_Ratio(A2VR) Cointime Statistics Soon
All_Addresses_Count Address Statistics Soon
All_Addresses_Count_by_Group Address Statistics Soon
All_Addresses_Mean_Balance_BTC_by_Group Address Statistics Soon
All_Addresses_Median_Balance_BTC_by_Group Address Statistics Soon
All_Addresses_Sum_BTC Address Statistics Soon
All_Addresses_Sum_BTC_by_Group Address Statistics Soon
CoinDays UTXO CoinDays Yes
CoinDaysDestroyed UTXO Dormancy Yes
CoinDaysDestroyedInLoss Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
CoinDaysDestroyedInProfit Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
CoinDaysDestroyed_LTH UTXO Dormancy Yes
CoinDaysDestroyed_STH UTXO Dormancy Yes
CoinDaysInLoss Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
CoinDaysInLoss_LTH Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
CoinDaysInLoss_STH Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
CoinDaysInProfit Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
CoinDaysInProfit_LTH Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
CoinDaysInProfit_STH Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
CoinDays_LTH UTXO CoinDays Yes
CoinDays_STH UTXO CoinDays Yes
Coin_Blocks_Created Cointime Statistics Soon
Coin_Blocks_Created_total Cointime Statistics Soon
Coin_Blocks_Destroyed Cointime Statistics Soon
Coin_Blocks_Destroyed_total Cointime Statistics Soon
Coin_Blocks_Stored Cointime Statistics Soon
Coin_Blocks_Stored_total Cointime Statistics Soon
Coinblock_Value_Created Cointime Statistics Soon
Coinblock_Value_Cum_Created Cointime Statistics Soon
Coinblock_Value_Cum_Destroyed Cointime Statistics Soon
Coinblock_Value_Cum_Stored Cointime Statistics Soon
Coinblock_Value_Destroyed Cointime Statistics Soon
Coinblock_Value_Stored Cointime Statistics Soon
Cointime_Cap Cointime Statistics Soon
Cointime_MVRV Cointime Statistics Soon
Cointime_NVT Cointime Statistics Soon
Cointime_Price Cointime Statistics Soon
Dormancy_raw UTXO Dormancy Yes
HODL_Age_CostValue HODL by Age Soon
HODL_Age_CostValue(simple) HODL by Age Soon
HODL_Age_N HODL by Age Soon
HODL_Age_N(simple) HODL by Age Soon
HODL_Age_Supply [HODL_Wave] HODL by Age Soon
HODL_Age_Supply HODL_Wave HODL by Age Soon
HODL_Amount_CostValue HODL by Value Soon
HODL_Amount_CostValue(simple) HODL by Value Soon
HODL_Amount_N HODL by Value Soon
HODL_Amount_N(simple) HODL by Value Soon
HODL_Amount_Supply HODL by Value Soon
HODL_Amount_Supply(simple) HODL by Value Soon
Halving_Date Halving Date Soon
InflationRate_Cointime_adj Cointime Statistics Soon
InflationRate_nominal Cointime Statistics Soon
Investor_Cap Cointime Statistics Soon
Investorness Cointime Statistics Soon
LTH_Redist_MinerRevenue_Cum_Ratio kuntah Yes
Liveliness Cointime Statistics Soon
Liveliness_Change Cointime Statistics Soon
Liveliness_Concurrent Cointime Statistics Soon
MSOL UTXO Dormancy Yes
MVRV Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) Yes
MVRV_LTH Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) Yes
MVRV_STH Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) Yes
MVRV_Z Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) Yes
MVRV_Z_LTH Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) Yes
MVRV_Z_STH Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) Yes
MarketCap MarketCap Yes
MarketCap_LTH MarketCap Yes
MarketCap_STH MarketCap Yes
MaxDay_maxfee Fees Soon
MaxDay_maxfee_USD Fees Soon
MaxDay_maxfeerate Fees Soon
MaxDay_maxfeerate_USD Fees Soon
MaxDay_maxtxsize Fees Soon
MeanDay_BlockMiningTime Network Statistics Soon
MeanDay_Difficulty Network Statistics Soon
MeanDay_HashRate Network Statistics Soon
MeanDay_avgfee Fees Soon
MeanDay_avgfee_USD Fees Soon
MeanDay_avgfeerate Fees Soon
MeanDay_avgfeerate_USD Fees Soon
MeanDay_avgtxsize Network Statistics Soon
MeanDay_feerate_percentile_10 Fees Soon
MeanDay_feerate_percentile_10_USD Fees Soon
MeanDay_feerate_percentile_25 Fees Soon
MeanDay_feerate_percentile_25_USD Fees Soon
MeanDay_feerate_percentile_50 Fees Soon
MeanDay_feerate_percentile_50_USD Fees Soon
MeanDay_feerate_percentile_75 Fees Soon
MeanDay_feerate_percentile_75_USD Fees Soon
MeanDay_feerate_percentile_90 Fees Soon
MeanDay_feerate_percentile_90_USD Fees Soon
MeanDay_ins Network Statistics Soon
MeanDay_maxfee Fees Soon
MeanDay_maxfee_USD Fees Soon
MeanDay_minfee Fees Soon
MeanDay_minfee_USD Fees Soon
MeanDay_outs Network Statistics Soon
MeanDay_subsidy Network Statistics Soon
MeanDay_subsidy_USD Network Statistics Soon
MeanDay_swtotal_size Network Statistics Soon
MeanDay_swtotal_weight Network Statistics Soon
MeanDay_swtxs Network Statistics Soon
MedianDay_medianfee Fees Soon
MedianDay_medianfee_USD Fees Soon
MedianDay_mediantxsize Network Statistics Soon
MinDay_minfee Fees Soon
MinDay_minfee_USD Fees Soon
MinDay_minfeerate Fees Soon
MinDay_minfeerate_USD Fees Soon
MinDay_mintxsize Fees Soon
NVT_raw Network Value to Transaction (NVT) Yes
Net_Realized_Profit_Loss Net Realized Profit Loss (NRPL) Yes
Net_Realized_Profit_Loss_LTH Net Realized Profit Loss (NRPL) Yes
Net_Realized_Profit_Loss_STH Net Realized Profit Loss (NRPL) Yes
Net_Unrealized_Profit_Loss Net UnRealized Profit Loss (NUPL) Yes
Net_Unrealized_Profit_Loss_LTH Net UnRealized Profit Loss (NUPL) Yes
Net_Unrealized_Profit_Loss_STH Net UnRealized Profit Loss (NUPL) Yes
New_Addresses_Amount_BTC_by_Group Address Statistics Soon
New_Addresses_Count Address Statistics Soon
New_Addresses_Count_by_Group Address Statistics Soon
New_Addresses_Mean_Balance_BTC_by_Group Address Statistics Soon
New_Addresses_Median_Balance_BTC_by_Group Address Statistics Soon
New_Addresses_Sum_BTC Address Statistics Soon
New_Addresses_Sum_BTC_by_Group Address Statistics Soon
Price Price Risk Metrics Yes
Price_Log_AllData_OLS Price Models Soon
Price_Log_AllData_OLS_history_extreme Price Models Soon
Price_Log_AllData_QR Price Models Soon
Price_Log_NonBubble_OLS Price Models Soon
Price_Log_NonBubble_OLS_history_extreme Price Models Soon
Price_Log_NonBubble_QR Price Models Soon
Price_Power_Law_OLS Price Models Soon
Price_Power_Law_OLS_history_extreme Price Models Soon
Price_Power_Law_QR Price Models Soon
Price_Risk_Cointime Price Risk Metrics Yes
Price_Risk_PRO Price Risk Metrics Yes
Price_Risk_ShortTerm Price Risk Metrics Yes
Producerness Cointime Statistics Soon
RHODL_Ratio HODL by Age Yes
RealizedCap RealizedCap Yes
RealizedCap_LTH RealizedCap Yes
RealizedCap_STH RealizedCap Yes
RealizedLoss RealizedLoss Yes
RealizedLoss_LTH RealizedLoss Yes
RealizedLoss_STH RealizedLoss Yes
RealizedPrice RealizedPrice Yes
RealizedPrice_LTH RealizedPrice Yes
RealizedPrice_Mean(UTXO) RealizedPrice Yes
RealizedPrice_Median(UTXO) RealizedPrice Yes
RealizedPrice_Quantiles(UTXO) RealizedPrice Soon
RealizedPrice_STH RealizedPrice Yes
RealizedProfit RealizedProfit Yes
RealizedProfit_LTH RealizedProfit Yes
RealizedProfit_STH RealizedProfit Yes
Realized_Value_to_Transactions(RVT) Cointime Statistics Soon
SOPR Spent Output Profit Ratio (SOPR) Yes
SOPR_LTH Spent Output Profit Ratio (SOPR) Yes
SOPR_STH Spent Output Profit Ratio (SOPR) Yes
Spent_Output_Valuable_UTXO_N Spent Output by Value Yes
Spent_Output_by_Age_CostValue Spent Output by Age Soon
Spent_Output_by_Age_N Spent Output by Age Soon
Spent_Output_by_Age_RealizedValue Spent Output by Age Soon
Spent_Output_by_Age_Supply Spent Output by Age Soon
Spent_Output_by_BTC_CostValue Spent Output by Value Soon
Spent_Output_by_BTC_CostValue(simple) Spent Output by Value Soon
Spent_Output_by_BTC_N(simple) Spent Output by Value Soon
Spent_Output_by_BTC_RealizedValue Spent Output by Value Soon
Spent_Output_by_BTC_RealizedValue(simple) Spent Output by Value Soon
Spent_Output_by_BTC_Supply Spent Output by Value Soon
Spent_Output_by_BTC_Supply(simple) Spent Output by Value Soon
Spent_Output_by_BTC_Value_N Spent Output by Value Soon
Spent_Output_by_USD_CostValue Spent Output by Value Soon
Spent_Output_by_USD_CostValue(simple) Spent Output by Value Soon
Spent_Output_by_USD_N Spent Output by Value Soon
Spent_Output_by_USD_N(simple) Spent Output by Value Soon
Spent_Output_by_USD_RealizedValue Spent Output by Value Soon
Spent_Output_by_USD_RealizedValue(simple) Spent Output by Value Soon
Spent_Output_by_USD_Supply Spent Output by Value Soon
Spent_Output_by_USD_Supply(simple) Spent Output by Value Soon
StockToFlow_Cointime_adj Cointime Statistics Soon
StockToFlow_nominal Cointime Statistics Soon
SumDay_ins Network Statistics Soon
SumDay_nTx Network Statistics Soon
SumDay_outs Network Statistics Soon
SumDay_subsidy Network Statistics Soon
SumDay_subsidy_USD Network Statistics Soon
SumDay_swtxs Network Statistics Soon
SumDay_total_out Network Statistics Soon
SumDay_total_size Network Statistics Soon
SumDay_total_weight Network Statistics Soon
SumDay_totalfee Fees Soon
SumDay_totalfee_USD Fees Soon
SumDay_utxo_increase Network Statistics Soon
SumDay_utxo_size_inc Network Statistics Soon
Supply_Active Cointime Statistics Soon
Supply_Active_Change Cointime Statistics Soon
Supply_Active_Delta30D Cointime Statistics Soon
Supply_Change_LTH Supply Change Yes
Supply_Change_STH Supply Change Yes
Supply_Circulating Cointime Statistics Soon
Supply_Coinbase(Miners) Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_Hot Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_In_Loss Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
Supply_In_Loss_LTH Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
Supply_In_Loss_LTH(%) Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
Supply_In_Loss_STH Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
Supply_In_Loss_STH(%) Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
Supply_In_Profit Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
Supply_In_Profit_LTH Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
Supply_In_Profit_LTH(%) Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
Supply_In_Profit_STH Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
Supply_In_Profit_STH(%) Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
Supply_Issuance Cointime Statistics Soon
Supply_Issuance_Sum30D Cointime Statistics Soon
Supply_LTH Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_LTH(%) Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_LTH_Excluding10yrs Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_LTH_Excluding10yrs(%) Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_LTH_Excluding7yrs Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_LTH_Excluding7yrs(%) Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_LTH_LOST0yrs Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_LTH_LOST10yrs(%) Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_LTH_LOST7yrs Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_LTH_LOST7yrs(%) Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_LTH_vs_STH_Ratio Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_LTH_vs_STH_Ratio_excl10yrs Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_LTH_vs_STH_Ratio_excl7yrs Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_STH Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_STH(%) Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_STH_Excluding10yrs(%) Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_STH_Excluding7yrs(%) Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_STH_LOST10yrs(%) Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_STH_LOST7yrs(%) Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_Total Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_Total_Excluding10yrs Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_Total_Excluding7yrs Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_Total_LOST10yrs Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_Total_LOST7yrs Supply Distribution Yes
Supply_Vaulted Cointime Statistics Soon
Supply_in_Loss(%) Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
Supply_in_Profit(%) Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
Thermo_Cap Cointime Statistics Soon
True_Market_MeanPrice Cointime Statistics Soon
TxVol_BTC_raw Volume Yes
TxVol_USD_raw Volume Yes
URPD_Log_N UTXO Distributions Soon
URPD_Log_N_Diff UTXO Distributions Soon
URPD_Log_N_LTH UTXO Distributions Soon
URPD_Log_N_LTH_Diff UTXO Distributions Soon
URPD_Log_RealizedValue UTXO Distributions Soon
URPD_Log_RealizedValue_Diff UTXO Distributions Soon
URPD_Log_RealizedValue_LTH UTXO Distributions Soon
URPD_Log_RealizedValue_LTH_Diff UTXO Distributions Soon
URPD_Log_RealizedValue_STH UTXO Distributions Soon
URPD_Log_RealizedValue_STH_Diff UTXO Distributions Soon
URPD_Log_Supply UTXO Distributions Soon
URPD_Log_Supply_Diff UTXO Distributions Soon
URPD_Log_Supply_LTH UTXO Distributions Soon
URPD_Log_Supply_LTH_Diff UTXO Distributions Soon
URPD_Log_Supply_STH UTXO Distributions Soon
URPD_Log_Supply_STH_Diff UTXO Distributions Soon
URPD_NonLog_N UTXO Distributions Soon
URPD_NonLog_N_Diff UTXO Distributions Soon
URPD_NonLog_RealizedValue UTXO Distributions Soon
URPD_NonLog_RealizedValue_Diff UTXO Distributions Soon
URPD_NonLog_Supply UTXO Distributions Soon
URPD_NonLog_Supply_Diff UTXO Distributions Soon
UTXO_DaysDestroyed_Quantiles(UTXO) UTXO Dormancy Soon
UTXO_Days_Mean UTXO CoinDays Yes
UTXO_Days_Median UTXO CoinDays Yes
UTXO_Days_Quantiles UTXO CoinDays Soon
UTXO_Spent_Value_Quantiles Spent Output by Value Soon
UTXO_Total_N Network Statistics Yes
UTXO_Value_Quantiles HODL by Value Soon
UTXO_in_Loss Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
UTXO_in_Loss(%) Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
UTXO_in_Profit Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
UTXO_in_Profit(%) Supply in Profit/Loss Yes
UnRealizedCap UnRealizedCap Yes
UnRealizedCap_LTH UnRealizedCap Yes
UnRealizedCap_LTH_relative UnRealizedCap Yes
UnRealizedCap_STH UnRealizedCap Yes
UnRealizedCap_STH_relative UnRealizedCap Yes
UnRealizedCap_relative UnRealizedCap Yes
UnRealizedLoss UnRealizedLoss Yes
UnRealizedLoss_LTH UnRealizedLoss Yes
UnRealizedLoss_LTH_relative UnRealizedLoss Yes
UnRealizedLoss_STH UnRealizedLoss Yes
UnRealizedLoss_STH_relative UnRealizedLoss Yes
UnRealizedLoss_relative UnRealizedLoss Yes
UnRealizedProfit UnRealizedProfit Yes
UnRealizedProfit_LTH UnRealizedProfit Yes
UnRealizedProfit_LTH_relative UnRealizedProfit Yes
UnRealizedProfit_STH UnRealizedProfit Yes
UnRealizedProfit_STH_relative UnRealizedProfit Yes
UnRealizedProfit_relative UnRealizedProfit Yes
Vaulted_Cap Cointime Statistics Soon
Vaulted_MVRV Cointime Statistics Soon
Vaulted_Realized_Price Cointime Statistics Soon
Vaultedness Cointime Statistics Soon
Velocity_raw Network Value to Transaction (NVT) Yes
aCoinDays UTXO CoinDays Yes
aCoinDaysDestroyed UTXO Dormancy Yes
aDormancy_raw UTXO Dormancy Yes