Bitcoin Research Lab v.1 is LIVE

The Bitcoin Research Lab is now live on Complete free onchain analysis suite with tier 2/3 metrics.

Bitcoin Research Lab v.1 is LIVE

There is no better time than the Bitcoin Halving Day to release The Bitcoin Research Lab.
It is now live on 🎉

Bitcoin Research Lab or BitLab is a complete onchain analysis suite. It encompasses more than 300 metrics, including numerous advanced metrics that are typically costly elsewhere (tier 2 and 3).

In additions, Bitcoin Research Lab have some unique metrics not found elsewhere. Among these are the Price Risk PRO

Best of all! It is free for to use! Start exploring over 300 metrics now!📈

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Whats new?
- Much improved user interface
- Lots of new onchain metrics, including Prisk Risk PRO and Price models
- Users can save their custom charts and favorites
- Improved mobile, small device support (but desktop is preferred)
- API support coming soon
- Much faster and more scalable.


The Bitcoin Research Lab is the successor of the trusty, old RBN that launched late 2021. RBN is now history, but it's backend code still lives on in The Bitcoin Research Lab.

The backend crawles the bitcoin blockchain for onchain data. The code  has been running smoothly since RBN inception, although it has been through several iteration of upgrades. Under the hood it utilizes R-cran for advanced statistical analyses. It is very capable and efficient. The first version took 3-4 weeks to process the compete blockchain, but the latest version can do this in just a few days. In fact, it is so fast that it could easily hold pace with all new transactions on the bitcoin network. At least for now, The Bitcoin Lab will be limited to provide daily data.

The graphical user interface (GUI) frontend has undergone a complete redesign. Previously, the old RBN was slow, difficult to navigate, and scaled inadequately. The primary motivation for developing the new Bitcoin Research Lab was the inability of RBN to support multiple concurrent users effectively. The Bitcoin Research Lab should be able to handle quite heavy load.